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Nigeria @ 59: The Journey Thus Far

By Africa Today Sharing birth year with British Aviator, Steve Jones, renowned Argentine Soccer Legend, Diego Maradona, movie actor, Anthonio Banderas, Adele Givens, and the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, Nigeria undoubtedly has came of age in many regards. Though other African countries such as Mauritania, Somalia, Burkina Faso, The Republic […]

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China’s Liangzhu Archaeological Site Certified UNESCO World Heritage Site.

By Africa Today China’s ancient Liangzhu Archaeological Site was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee during its 43rd session in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, on Saturday. The site, located in Yuhang District of Hangzhou City, east China’s Zhejiang Province, showcases the Chinese civilization of prehistoric rice agriculture that existed between […]

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Democracy: Twenty Years Down The Line, The Cross River Perspective.

By Africa Today Undoubtedly, Nigerians having spent close to 34-years of harsh economic and political conditions evidenced with poverty, diseases, hunger, maltreatment, illegal detention of dissidents, suppression and disappearance of activities led by despotic military leaders starting from 15th January 1966,with scattered democracy in 1979 (being the second Republic) 1993 (the third Republic), craved earnestly […]