Secondary School Graduates Of ’70s Better Than University Graduates Today: Yahaya Mohammed

By David Agabi

Yahaya Mohammed Suleiman, one of the old boys of Government College Keffi, (KOBA) Nasarawa State has disclosed that the quality of graduates from today’s universities in Nigeria cannot equate secondary school graduates of 1960, ’70s and early ’80s.

Suleiman made the disclosure in an interview with AFRICA TODAY at a ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the College held at the college ground Keffi.

The old boy while expressing joy over his ability to reunite with his long lost friends (classmates) whom he has lost contact with in years, regretted that the level of decadence in the school was amazingly disappointing.

He maintained that for a collage which prides itself of grooming  and molded men particularly from the northern extraction including a onetime Nigeria’s president, Musa Ya’Adua to prominence, to have fallen to such a shameful state was unbearable to comprehend.

“Government College Keffi was among the foremost secondary schools in the northern region. And the quality of education we got while we where here is something we can’t forget in the hurry, I entered the college in 1978 and graduated in 1983, and as at that time the standard, discipline and quality of education we got cannot be found even in universities today”

“The quality of graduate in form 5, when you see him, he’s vibrant and eloquent, morally stable and discipline as compare to what you have today”

Suleiman, whose nickname was TOWN BOUNCER noted that for a college that has made him and others what they are today, there’s need to give back to making sure it regain its standard, quality and glory.

“We have great people like the late Audu Abubaka-Keffi number one, Lai Mohammed, Simon Lalong, engineers, surgeons, politicians, administrators, military officers within and without the country, hence the need for us to give to our children what we benefitted. So we are going to use all available tools and avenues to making sure we mobilise good resources to come and invest in the school”

Meanwhile, the Principal of the College, Mr. Audu Idris Ohimege, while expressing joy over the 70th anniversary, said that leaders need to do more in the area of mentorship so as to build a better society.

He advised the pupils to inculcate the culture of hard work, dedication and discipline so as to become successful in life.

Mr Ohimege posited that the level of dilapidation in infrastructure and standards needs and urgent attention if the primary objected of government is to promote quality and standard in schools.

Government College Keffi was established in 1949 as part of effort in educating Nigerians particularly northerners.

Highpoints of the event was election of new executive members and donation for the completion of president Umaru Musa Ya’Adua e-library launched during the administration of the late president.


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