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Surv. Dimgba Calls On Young Surveyors In Nigeria To Break New Grounds In Maritime & Oil And Gas

By David Agabi

The 2020 Pre-Induction Workshop organized by the Surveyors Council of Nigeria for the new inductees came to a heartwarming  conclusion as one of the own, Surv. Chigozie Dimgba challenged the young surveyors to venture into new fields such as oil and gas, hydrography among others.

Dimgba, in an interview with AFRICA TODAY acknowledging the enormous contributions by surveyors to the development strides of Nigeria in design, infrastructural development, mapping, landscaping and construction, regretted that surveyors in the country both young and old have not taken full advantage of other virgin fields that are lying fallow.

While maintaining that the volume of knowledge acquired and the quality of content in a man determines the height and his place in life, advised the young professionals to be humble and learn under tutelage of experienced and successful surveyors to become successful in their life time.

According to him “it is time we in the surveying profession leave the cadastral and venture into the fields of maritime surveying, oil and gas, hydrography which is the jurisdiction of the Nigerian Navy and explore the under harnessed potentials and make millions of naira instead of struggling in the low field”

“Why should we challenge other fields of study not to use our tools, when they are other new fields uncultivated and waited for us to break grounds and build a new future for ourselves”

On the area of foreign experts taken over the job that belongs to Nigerians, Mr. Dimgba also challenged the Council to study hard, acquire skills and experiences to change the status quo in the country.

He therefore calls on the council to be watchful of quarks in the profession

Highpoint of the event was presentation of an award of honour to Mr. Dimgba.

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