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TPL Junaidu Abdullahi, Advocates Re-Modelling Of 1978 Land Use Act In Nigeria.

By David Agabi

following controversies bedeviling land use policies in Nigeria and its resultant crises and litigation in different courts in the country, a seasoned town planner, Junaidu Abdullahi has advocates the need for Nigeria to re-modify the Land Use Act of 1978 in other to conform with the reality of the 21st century.

the Kano based Town Planner stated this in an interview with journalists at the 26th Conference of Directors of Lands in the Federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies with the theme: Land Use Reform as Conflict Resolution Mechanism held at Rockview Royale Hotel, Wuse 2, FCT, Abuja said that the 1992 Nigeria Urban and Regional Planning Act should be put to more use.

Junaidu while maintaining that the Land Use Act of 1978 is still very useful, also said that the 1992 Act is more responsive considering the times and season in the country, positing that the issues of settlements between communities and government, toxic lands, land for agricultural development, policy/ planning, land use planning, environmental impact assessment (EIA), institutions, expropriation and authorisation/permit will be sorted out without any rancor.

according to him ” is a very important law that will help in land use system in the country, the law consist of six articles, the first article deals with planningĀ  operation and development both at federal level, state and local level, the second article deals with development control, the third article deals with additional control in special areas-that is places of natural interest, places of total importance such as mountainous areas and other places that deserve special attention while the forth article is about land acquisition and compensation and the fifth is about urban renewal, upgrading and redevelopment and the sixth is the appeal”.

on the issue of settlement between communities, Junaidu advised the communities in dispute to seek redress in any court of competent jurisdiction.

the event was organised by the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing nĀ collaboration with lands and housing development department.

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