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Chief Medical Director Pontificates On A Better Future For Practitioners In Nigeria

Following the growing concern about the exodus of medical practitioners from Nigeria to Europe, Canada, United States of America and Russia, the Chief Medical Director of the Benue State University Teaching Hospital, Prof Terrumun Swende said Nigerians should not panic over the matter noting that the issue of migration is as old as humanity.

Swende who stated this in a chat with journalists at the ongoing 60th Anniversary of West African College of Surgeons 2020 in Abuja, maintained that the idea should not be seen from only the negative perspective.

According to him “the issue of migration or unskilled workforce is as old as you can recall, is not just a Nigerian situation, if you go round the world it’s always been fashionable, sometimes with good reason for practitioners to move from a particular country to another country. In 1800 for instance even the Americans it was fashionable for them to move from America to Germany to do internship for a year or two before going back” he said.

He also stressed that the pull and push factors are some several reasons that inform the migration “today people go out in want of better condition of service, some said they want to practice where all the compliments of supportive equipment are available, some said they want a better environment and others reasons”

The CMD said the insecurity in the country is also one of the reasons some practitioners are leaving the shores of Nigeria.

He stressed that another reason is relative unemployment which have compelled many qualified Doctors to look elsewhere for employment.

Swende therefore call on Nigeria and other West African countries to take the welfare of its workforce seriously positing that medical practitioners are of a high demand abroad.

Recall that the 60th anniversary of West African College of Surgeons is an event that brings together medical practitioners from both Anglophone and Francophone country in West Africa and other support partners.


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