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The Key To Africa Healing Lies In Moral Leadership: Former Zambian VP, Dr Mumba.

By Africa Today

Dr. Nevers Mumba & John Gaul Lebo

“The key to Africa healing lies in the moral leadership of African people” this was echoed by the Former Vice President of the Republic of Zambia in an official visit to the Cross River State House of Assembly.

Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba, in a speech before the parliamentarians and other dignitaries, said for Africa to be great, Africans must invest in great leaders with morality and integrity.

Mumba, who is currently the leader of the opposition Movement for Multi-Party Development in Zambia posited that Africans must jettisoned completely the colonial mentality left to it by British, France, Belgium, Portugal among others.

The leading African, whom although admits that Africa shall become the world leader, also said the basic fundamentals such as trade barrier, corruption, and the issue of identity must be clearly and unambiguously trashed, in order to forge ahead as a people.

He maintained that Africans must all become advocates of good by promoting the face of the continent wherever they found themselves “ this is our continent, We cannot become instrument of Our own doom, We must find a way to turn Our mess into success story, my policy as an opposition leader in Zambia is to fight and differ from some hash policies of Zambian government, but when I step outside the boundaries of my country I put on honourable ropes of a good ambassador and speak well of my country and invite investors to come into my country” he stressed.

Mumba averred that Africans must address serious concerns of its continent without the Western Countries which to him has kept Africa in the position it found itself.

“Africa has been abuse, it has been exploited and impoverished by both colonial powers and ‘now’ our own ruling class who have been entrusted with powers to get us out” he opined.

He pontificated that, not far from now Africa must become the world’s speaker, arguing that Africa possesses the best in both human and material resources that have over time been used to feed the Western Countries.

“Africa shall, and not may, become the World’s Speaker not far from now, We are classified as the wealthiest and riches continent and vitally, we are already credited with the fastest growing churches and youth population in the world, and all we need is the crop of visionary leaders that will make us succeed, the greatest of minerals and precious stones are here in Africa”

Dr Mumba regretted that “Africa has abandoned its own water, great landmass for agriculture and the vibrant workforce hungry for work, all this resources is surrounded by former beauty and priceless  tourist attraction, besides these Africa is faced with human pain, disease, hunger, poverty, decay,  deprivation and lack of equitable water”

In other words, Dr Mumba said Africa has paid its price as a continent, noting that the prison sentence must come to an end, quoting the Bible Scripture that says ‘weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning’.

  Speaking also on the xenophobic attack of African descents in South Africa, Dr. Mumba said “ The good people of Zambia and Nigeria share wonderful relations from inception; we both fought shoulder to shoulder demanding the release of Nelson Mandela, and the subsequent independent of South Africa. It’s for this reason, that when Nelson Mandela was indeed released from prison, he made Zambia and Nigeria his first pot of call just to say thank you. Unfortunately, 25 years later, the young South Africans had missed their history classes and have now decided to start killing all the “so call foreigners” of African descent upon whose shoulder their independent was guarantee; the Xenophobia that have grips South Africa have made a huge scorn on the conscience of the continent that needs to unite and work in synergy”

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